About PetCross.org

PetCross.org spreads the awareness of animal rescue and helps rescue pets giving voluntary donations to cat & dog shelters.

We are a for-purpose community organization, and privately operated & owned for-profit company, which partners with shelters to use products as a fundraising and awareness vehicle for the causes we support.

Purchasing our pro-rescue products creates revenue, which enables us to make voluntary donations. You will not only get the good mood, but also fantastic gear! Furthermore, wearing our clothes, helps to spread awareness of animal rescue and well fare.

We think, that we have found the perfect way to spread & share the good.

The story behind PetCross.org

Our founder, Mika, and his lovely girlfriend Maria, lived together almost twenty years, sharing their home always at least with two to five wonderful dogs and three to eleven fascinating cats.

In 2017 Maria died tragically, leaving behind not only deep grief, but also dogs and cats. Luckily family members were able to help, and pets got loving homes.

Mika wanted to do something in remembrance of Maria, and she’s limitless passion to animal well fare. He wanted to create something Maria would have wanted to be part of, and he wanted to continue Maria’s big-hearted work. That’s how PetCross.org was born in 2019.

Sustainability & animal rights are our top priority

There are huge number of pets in shelters in the desperate need of help. We at PetCross.org are doing our best to help as many as we can.

We’re focused on helping especially cats and dogs. However, in all decisions, animal rights & well fare and environmental values are our top priority.

Pro-rescue & animal well fare collection

Each design of our lovely pro-rescue collection is either created or overseen by our founder, and reflects importance of animal well fare.

The collection is split generally to cat themed and to dog themed designs. Most are available in multiple types of products such as hoodies, t-shirts, hats, mugs, totes & bags, towels & blankets & aprons etc. We have now roughly one thousand amazing products to choose from!

Wearing our clothes, and using our gear is a strong and positive statement, and it spreads the awareness of this important cause.

PetCross.org uses only the high quality products by the brands such as Gildan, Port & Co., and Adidas just to name a few. All designs are printed / embroidered in the US.

We deliver world wide. Orders will be shipped directly from our distribution facility, located in the Detroit. Domestic and international orders will be handled by UPS and delivered by the postal service.

Find your favorite products and help us help

Each product is made with love, abandoned cats & dogs in our minds. Find your favorite design & state your attitude with these fantastic clothes & useful accessories.

Get one for yourself and give another as a gift, and help us help pets in shelters across the US and around the world.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us at Pinterest & Instagram. You can also help spreading the good by sharing this with your friends!

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ and/or contact us!

-PetCross.org team & Mika, founder